Ether Saga Online - Beta Test
UPDATE 05/22/2022

Read patchs notes so you are aware of the changes the server has

Server Features

  • Server Level up to 75.
  • Server Exp x1
  • Server Gold x1
  • Server Drop x3
  • Server Spirit x1.75
  • Server Quest Exp x1
  • Server Quest Gold x1
  • Server Custom Mobs after Lv75
  • Server Custom Maps after Lv75
  • Server Custom Fashion after Lv75
  • Server Custom Boss after Lv75
  • Server PinCode Available
  • Server PvP Ranking 
  • Server PvP Rewards

Server Rules

  • Do not Request for free items
  • Do not Request for free ebucks
  • Do not Poss Pk/lure on PVE realms
  • PK/Lurin/PossPk is allowed on PVP realms
  • Use correct ways to contact a Staff

*** Note - Patchs will be every 2 to 3 weeks.***

GM's Online

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